Our Services


Service Is Our Middle Name

  • Total Rebuilds and Refractory Replacements
  • Afterburner Upgrades to Meet New EPA Standards.
  • New Custom Designed Furnaces Built On Site.
  • Annual Inspections, Burner Tune Ups, Retraining of Operators
  • Air Quality Control
  • Permit assistance
  • Site planning services
  • Product Selection
  • Finish Product Consumers
  • Hazardous Material Training
  • Furnace Operation Safety Training

Heavy Duty Construction Provides Years of Service

  • Large primary opening for charging material.
  • 10” thick walls for durability and thermal mass capabilities.
  • Custom sloped floor for a quick exit of molten metal out of the melting chamber. Provides less metal loss capabilities.
  • Separate holding chamber for getting the best chemistry and price out of your product.
  • “Non-Wetting” high density refractory is used to prevent aluminum to adhering to the walls allows easier cleaning.
  • Clean metal can be charged into the holding chamber increasing daily production rates at less fuel costs.
  • Heavy duty construction for years of continuous service. These units are designed to last.
  • Features a removable top for ease in refractory replacement on future rebuilds.
  • Comes completely fabricated with forms and refractory materials.
  • All refractory and fire brick are installed on site to prevent premature damage to the lining.