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Keep Safety First in The Summer Months

As we enter into the hot months, remember it's important to keep hydrated as you are working with high temperature furnaces. Heat related illnesses can be fatal. OSHA has released a free application for mobile devices that enables workers and supervisors to monitor...

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Here's a great video from our friends at ISRI. Contact us if you have any questions regarding Safety Issues and your furnace. We're here to help and we want to see everyone staying SAFE!

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RSI Supports a Clean Environment

EARTH DAY 2015: RSI understand how precious our environment is. That's why we are the Premier Manufacturers of Pollution Control Systems. Our systems deliver 100% PCB destruction - registering Dioxine and Furnan levels lower than 5 picograms. (Note: The allowable...

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A communication received today by a current client has reported the following on our recently installed U S Furnaces MAX 4000 "Special" (3 primary chamber burners vs the MAX 4000 Standard 2 primary burners): In a side by side comparison - utilizing the same materials...

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