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Dave Conway, owner of Recycling Services International, says, “My 35+ years of experience working with recycling furnaces gives me the edge over all the competitors. If you want it done right the first time, call me!”


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Max 4000 Aluminum Sweat Furnace

Max 4000 Typical Install (Propane)


EPA Compliant Afterburner Systems

We work with local environmental firms to help you with your permit issues. Custom designed afterburner systems are available for your existing furnace or any new furnace projects you may be planning.


Full Line of New Parts and Accessories

We have everything you need from burner and control systems to molds and safety apparel. We are a parts and service provider for all models of Al-Jon/United and United Group Furnaces.

  • Refractory Materials & Installation
  • Burner & Control Upgrades
  • Data Loggers for new EPA regulations.
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
  • AS-990, F-466, and many other model parts and upgrades


Introducing our new line:

  • US Furnaces MAX-4000 Aluminum Sweat Furnace
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Maximum recovery
  • Maximum Pollution Control
  • Melt rates as high as 3000 lb. input per hour
  • Built to last for years of continuous service
  • Latest technology used in burner and control design


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