A communication received today by a current client has reported the following on our recently installed U S Furnaces MAX 4000 “Special” (3 primary chamber burners vs the MAX 4000 Standard 2 primary burners):

In a side by side comparison – utilizing the same materials and hours, the U S Furnace MAX 4000 Special is producing 70 lbs. more molten aluminum per hour with identical fuel costs. This has resulted in 1 extra 1400 lb. aluminum sow per 20 hr. day.

Dave Conway noted: “With the extra BTU (1 million) – the MAX 4000 Special STILL does not use any extra fuel, because of our Solid State Control design and our burners are strategically placed where heat is required the most.

I also believe, because there is less stirring time involved from the strategically placed burners (no “cold spots”) – this will also result in less wear and tear on the refractory itself. Again, our MAX 4000 Special is a very state of the art, cost effective and profit making designed piece of equipment.”

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